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Kingasterisk technology provides Best Voip Solutions

Asterisk Based Voip Solutions

We are very innovative with opensource voip technology based product, we are heartly invite you to contact us and get more details about our products and marvelous applications.

We are working on voip based opensource plateform since 8 years, we are providing our solutions, services and supports on several applications like asterisk, freepbx, a2billing, dialer, freeswitch, opensips ,kamailio, callweaver, hylafax, elastix, EPABX, IVR, Predictive dialers, Voice Mail, Voice Logger, Video & audio conferencing solutions, web conferencing solutions and lots more.

We are KingAsterisk Technologies where we are developing lots of voip based solutions and applications. Application development, research and issues resolution supports are like our blood in vains, we are keep supporting to our client to achieve their goal in their own decided plateform and models.

IPPBX Solution

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. IP PBX is a telephone system that is aimed at delivery of the information including voice, video, etc over the network. IP PBX has become a real breakthrough in the modern technologies as it allows transferring various types of data. IP PBX is especially useful for business enterprises that need to maintain constant contact with customer and affiliates that may be far away. IP PBX is the way to monitor your business throughout the world.

It's the ability to make free calls that makes IP PBX so popular today. International phone calls are becoming much cheaper nowadays but the considerable part of expenses that business companies have goes to cover the cost of international and long distance calls. IP PBX offers a cheap telecommunication service that lets you stay connected with people on the other part of the world. Since IP PBX technologies were introduced hundreds of companies have managed to cut down their expenses and have become more profitable. View More

                                               VOIP Call recording

Call recording is a feature present in both client and server side software’s provided by KingAsterisk Technologies. This is a use ful feature especially when there are law obligations or for quality control. On the server each call can be recorded (selectable by route/user) regardless of the codec used (all common codec's are supported). The recording is done using separate low priority background thread which doesn’t affect the call quality in any way. These files are usually stored on a separate hard disk to not affect the I/O speed on the primary disk where the VoIP server is installed

The recorded voices are stored in compressed and encrypted format allowing for easy later playback or export by the administrators from an easy to use interface. To enable voice recording for a user, just open the "users and devices" form from the KingAsterisk Manage, select the user(s), switch the "Functions" tab and tick the "Recording" checkbox. You can listen to recorded conversation anytime later from the "CDR records" form using the by selecting the "Recorded Conversations" radio box. View more...

Click to Call

Click-to-call is a service which lets users click a button and immediately speak with a customer service representative or interconnect two or more telephone "line". The call can either be carried over VoIP, or the customer may request an immediate call back by entering their phone number. One significant benefit to click-to-call providers is that it allows companies to monitor when online visitors change from the website to a phone sales channel. Click To Call is the solution for all site owners that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors.

The advantage over other proprietary solutions is that these are true VoIP calls that will work with any phones (voip terminals, softphones, your mobile or landline number) through any telecom service provider. For example you can receive the incoming calls on your VoIP phone or softphone (free calls) and if you are away, then the call can be automatically forwarded to your mobile number. View more...

Sound Box Dialer

Sound Box Dialer offers a call center web based application which can help you to increase your productivity, It will give portabilities to your agents and people who can perform smarter and faster way in your teams.

We have experience in dial applications, so we can keep thinking a lot on this field too. It will give your clients more benefits and more knowledge about your performance so you can get more and more business. This is will give you more effective sound systems where your team can perform better, it will give best and accurate results for your performance.

It will allow to transfer calls, manual way as well as faster way as well. You can also monitor all the stuff on live systems too while agents are in actions. You can use this application in various ways and run in various purposes.View more...

      CRM For Call Center

Vtiger CRM is a fully open source CRM application. vtiger CRM is widely trusted by thousands of businesses to effectively manage leads, identify quality sales, track marketing campaigns and monitor inventory. Its features include..

  •  Customer support & service functions, including a customer self-service portal
  •  Marketing automation (lead generation, campaign support, knowledge bases)
  •  Inventory Management / Analysis and reporting

We handle VTiger projects and customize the CRM for various industry-specific needs. Our customer-centric approach makes us proficient in VTiger CRM implementation for various industry verticals. We have expertise in integrating CRM & Telephony. View more...

   Voice Broadcast

The KingAsterisk Technologies provides an automated mass dialling solution where hundreds, or thousands of numbers are simultaneously dialled, and an automated connection to an IVR occurs when answered by a person.

For more complex solutions, where the IVR needs to transfer calls to a Live Agent, rather than dialling a fixed number of outbound lines the system can be told how many Live Agents are available and it decides how many numbers to dial based on how many Live Agents are busy. There is a further option for these Agents to log into the system, which means that the system knows exactly how many agents are available and whether they are ready to take calls. Using this latter mode there is no need to manually adjust the dialling rate on the Broadcast dialler at all.
View more...

Custom IVR Service

Interactive voice response(IVR) is a computerized phone system that enables a person, typically a telephone caller, to make a selection from a voice menu. The selection is made using phone keypad entries or voice responses. This interaction allows the individual to communicate with the phone system and thus the computer system. The phone system plays pre-recorded voice prompts and the person typically presses a number on a telephone keypad to select the option associated with the voice prompt

The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP server has a built in sophisticated IVR module capable of handling all your business needs including callback and forwarding options, phone to phone calls, answering for SMS initiated actions, announcements, etc. The IVR module is associated with campaigns, which can be set to run different scripts (functions). View more...

Billing Solution

The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP server built-in billing was designed with carrier grade customers in mind. We offer a complete suite of billing and switching solutions that support the whole range of common VoIP business models. Our VoIP Billing platform will allow you to sell advanced features and its configuration is handled by a simple to use user interface. The softswitch allows service providers to efficiently manage and accurately bill all aspects of their end-users’ VoIP usage.

The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP billing software is built using 100% multi-threaded C++ code, making it a high performance billing engine that can handle millions of calls. The billing process is running on lower priority threads, never affecting the call quality when the server usage is high. The remote management application offers multiple customizable reports including, accounting, revenue, expenses, call history by user and others.  View more...

SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcaster is a software which allows you to send/broadcast SMS messages to a list of phone numbers. You can type in the SMS Message and SMS Broadcaster will read in a list of phone number from a file on the root of your SD card and broadcast you’re message to everyone in the file.

This is a lot quicker than do it one by one. Especially, it is very useful when you want to send group SMS to your hundreds or thousands friends or clients. It is an effective tool to improve your efficiency and save your time. You put a file named numbers.txt with your numbers on the root of your SD card using the USB cable, Bluetooth, email or a File Manger then you type in your message and click two buttons and SMS Broadcaster will do everything else. View more...

Video Conferencing

Conducting a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. For example, a point-to-point (two-person) video conferencing system works much like a video telephone. Each participant has a video camera, microphone, and speakers mounted on his or her computer. As the two participants speak to one another, their voices are carried over the network and delivered to the other's speakers, and whatever images appear in front of the video camera appear in a window on the other participant's monitor.

The KingAsterisk videoconferencing allows three or more participants to sit in a virtual conference room and communicate as if they were sitting right next to each other. Until the mid 90s, the hardware costs made videoconferencing prohibitively expensive for most organizations, but that situation is changing rapidly. Many analysts believe that videoconferencing will be one of the fastest-growing segments of the computer industry in the latter half of the decade. View more...

Fax Solutions

Fax For Asterisk provides two components: res_fax and res_fax_digium. Res_fax is an Asterisk resource module that adds fax termination and origination functionality in Asterisk. It provides Asterisk dialplan functions and dialplan applications to enable the user to build highly-customizable fax solutions. Res_fax_digium provides core fax processing functionality in the form of several supported fax modems — V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17 — to achieve speeds up to 14400bps.

Fax For Asterisk provides the functionality to send and receive faxes to / from TDM and IP channels — TDM channels are established across Digium telephony boards and IP channels can use regular G.711 audio encoding or T.38 encapsulation.

Faxes transmitted and received by Fax For Asterisk begin and end as TIFF image files. TIFF files may be readily converted into or from other formats using standard Linux command-line utilities.View more...

Call Center

The KingAsterisk Technologies Callcenter can handle huge amount of inbound and outbound traffic, in a secure, reliable way. The KingAsterisk callcenter combines maximum efficiency with easy to use and intuitive interfaces. Separate campaigns can be setup each of them running separately assigned scripts with graphical user interface for both the operators and the supervisors. By defining quotas, you can restrict your calls to well defined target groups (called clients).

All the call-center related statistics can be viewed in real-time. One of the features of the callcenter is predictive dialing. To restrict the operator wait times, the Calls can be prepared on the server side and dropped to operators when they are waiting for it.

Tele Marketing

We provide you the correct telemarketing services which you need for your business in manner of successful inbound and outbound telemarketing campaign. We can provide you the best applications and services to conduct tele marketing businesses

Our experienced telemarketing program managers design, manage and implement highly customized and flexible customer depended telemarketing campaign that meet your business objectives. Leading organizations and startups rely on us for their inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing campaign.

You can create any kind of IVR scripts using a graphical user interface from the remote management client. With more than 30 built-in actions it is very easy to build your custom IVR menus within minutes. View more...

Multi tenants

Multi-tenant management is the ability for a cloud tenant to have omnipotence over the instances, data, and networks in their cloud-hosted solution. In terms of an SP VDI solution this means the vDesktops, the master images, the application distribution mechanism (if applicable), patching, user data, vDesktop networks, access policies, pool size, et cetera. Essentially, the tenant’s management portal needs the ability to perform the primary tasks performed in the VMware View Admin Console or XenDesktop Desktop Delivery Controller console.

In addition, the multi-tenant management solution needs to have the ability to securely provide this level of access to multiple tenants. Unfortunately, this is the first hurdle the major players, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, and Microsoft VDI trip over. These solutions have one primary console that’s used to manage the entire environment. 

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